3.7 v Lithium Polymer Battery List for Certification

Why Make Certifications for 3.7 v Lithium Polymer Battery?

With the development of electronics, information and communication products toward wireless and portable, and the high-performance components of the products are also toward the goal of “light, thin, short and small”. As an excellent power supply, the lithium ion battery has been widely used, which makes the lithium polymer battery trade exist widely. And the market supervision institutions of various countries have increased the supervision for lipo battery or products containing lipo batteries, so many companies will choose to make certifications for their imported lithium polymer batteries or products containing lithium polymer batteries.
Our Li-polymer battery has a series of certifications, such as UL1642, UL2054, CE, IEC62133, GB31241, UN38.3, MSDS, CB and etc. We can also provide with a comprehensive battery testing and certification services to ensure that the battery’s quality can meet the international standards.

Hot Sales Related Certified Li-Polymer Ion Battery List

Model Capacity Dimension(Thickness*Width*Length)
LP102634 820mAh 10mm x 26mm x 34mm
LP103040 1200mAh 10mm x 30mm x 40mm
LP103450 1800mAh 10mm x 34mm x 50mm
LP104656 3000mAh 10mm x 46mm x 56mm
LP106065 4400mAh 10mm x 60mm x 65mm
LP323540 450mAh 3.2mm x 35mm x 40mm
LP451220 80mAh 4.5mm x 12mm x 20mm
LP464260 1000mAh 4.6mm x 42mm x 60mm
LP502236 365mAh 5mm x 22mm x 36mm
LP502236 380mAh 5mm x 22mm x 36mm
LP523450 1000mAh 5.2mm x 34mm x 50mm
LP602030 300mAh 6mm x 20mm x 30mm
LP603030 450mAh 6mm x 30mm x 30mm
LP603048 850mAh 6mm x 30mm x 48mm
LP651648 460mAh 6.5mm x 16mm x 48mm
LP655670 3000mAh 6.5mm x 56mm x 70mm
LP753048 1100mAh 7.5mm x 30mm x 48mm
LP775767 3500mAh 7.7mm x 57mm x 67mm
LP783968 2450mAh 7.8mm x 39mm x 68mm
LP7866126 10000mAh 7.8mm x 66mm x 126mm
LP803040 1000mAh 8mm x 30mm x 40mm
LP102540 1100mAh 10mm x 25mm x 40mm
LP103542 1350mAh 10mm x 35mm x 42mm
LP803442 1200mAh 8mm x 34mm x 42mm
LP702050 600mAh 7mm x 20 x 50mm
LP801645 600mAh 8mm x 16mm x 45mm
LP582540 580mAh 5.8mm x 25mm x 40mm
LP802528 500mAh 8mm x 25mm x 28mm
LP902030 500mAh 9mm x 20mm x 30mm
LP603030 500mAh 6mm x 30mm x 30mm
LP502030 250mAh 5mm x 20mm x 30mm
LP801520 180mAh 8mm x 15mm x 20mm
LP114050 2400mAh 11mm x 40mm x 50mm
LP302060 240mAh 3mm x 20mm x 60mm
LP401119 55mAh 4mm x 11mm x 19mm
LP102050 1000mAh 10mm x 20mm x 50mm
LP803040 900mAh 8mm x 30mm x 40mm
LP654060 2000mAh 6.5mm x 40mm x 60mm
LP502060 500mAh 5mm x 20mm x 60mm
LP501965 700mAh 5mm x 19mm x 65mm
LP503450 1000mAh 5mm x 34mm x 50mm
LP401522 105mAh 4mm x 15mm x 22mm
LP404355 900mAh 4mmm x 43mm x 55mm
LP413372 1100mAh 4.1mm x 33mm x 72mm
LP456173 2300mAh 4.5mm x 61mm x 73mm
LP503040 500mAh 5mm x 30mm x 40mm
LP552855 1000mAh 5.5mm x 28mm x 55mm
LP554168 1800mAh 5.5mm x 41mm x 68mm
LP604040 1000mAh 6mm x 40mm x 40mm
LP621230 170mAh 6.2mm x 12mm x 30mm
LP624948 1800mAh 6.2mm x 49mm x 48mm
LP703048 1100mAh 7mm x 30mm x 48mm
LP703055 1200mAh 7mm x 30mm x 55mm
LP8066104 6200mAh 8mm x 66mm x 104mm
LP903665 2400mAh 9mm x 36mm x 65mm
LP551550 390mAh 5.5mm x 15mm x 50mm

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